Enko-ji Buddhist Temple in autumn.
Enko-ji Buddhist Temple in autumn.

Let's discover the Authentic Kyoto with us !!

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Kinkaku-ji Buddhist Temple in autumn.
Kinkaku-ji Buddhist Temple in autumn.

“Kyoto” is the former capital city of Japan with over a millennium of history, and is still the center of culture and traditions of the country.


Japanese culture…the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, kimonos, and Maiko can all be found in the cultural center of Kyoto. And, in the midst of this ancient cultural city, there are cutting edge industries and upscale shops.

The best way to discover the “authentic Japan” is to visit Kyoto.


We are a travel destination management company in Kyoto, Japan.

We plan, arrange and harmonize all the travel items for your best travel in Kyoto.

We provide you accommodation, transportation, meals, special activities and appreciation, etc....

And we can also arrange “Special Experiences in Kyoto”, like a tea ceremony in a usually private Buddhist temple’s tearoom, flower arrangement with a headmaster’s instruction, Zen meditation in a historically valuable Buddhist temple, and meals in a special location with special atmosphere.

We make you experience what you can not do usually in ordinary tours, which you can experience the hospitality, mystique, culture, and serenity of Japan.


This page is a collection of introduction for discovering “Authentic Kyoto” to make your trip to Kyoto be filled with fantastic memories.